LifeStraw Flex

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The LifeStraw Flex with collapsible squeeze bottle is just as light as a filtered plastic bottle, but better for the environment and more versatile.

  • Protects against bacteria, parasites, and microplastics, lead and other heavy metals, chlorine, organic chemical matter like pesticides and herbicides, dirt, sand, and cloudiness while removing odors and improving taste
  • Independently lab tested, durable and BPA-free
  • Every fill avoids single use plastic bottled water!
  • Versatile water filter system, can be used 5 ways: as a personal straw filter, with the included squeeze bottle, with a gravity bag, as an in-line filter with most hydration packs or attached to most disposable water bottles
  • Compact and ultralight filter and 22 oz (0.7 L) squeeze bottle weighs 3.15 oz (89 g) and has an easy-to-fill wide opening 
  • Long-lasting membrane microfilter lasts up to 500 gallons (2,000 L); replaceable activated carbon + ion exchange filter lasts up to 26 gallons (100 L)

WEIGHT (filter and bottle): 89 g

OTHER SPECS: Filter size - 22.9 x 2.5cm, bottle size - 26.9 x 9.9cm