ROW Bags (Recycling // Organics // Waste)

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The world’s first micro waste management system, designed specifically for the responsible adventurer! 

Save on the single-use plastic bin bags and recover recyclables and organics from being wasted in landfill. You’ll reduce your environmental impact and leave all the headaches of dodgy plastic bags in the past. 

  • Made with ultra-durable, fibre reinforces and UV stabilised PVC
  • Lightweight, compact and tough as nails
  • No more leaks, odours, tears, prowlers or impossible knots to worry about
  • Set of 3 reusable bin bags that make sorting your waste by recycling, organics and waste simple when no bins are present 

RECOMMENDED ACTIVITIES: Bushwalking, camping, mountaineering, bikepacking, cycle touring, alpine touring, vehicle touring (4WD, vanlife, caravan, tiny house or car camping), sailing, kayaking, plogging, beach cleaning, litter collecting, backpacking, hiking, picnics, rock climbing, outdoor education, festival camping and any other adventure that involves waste creation where no bins are present.