Unless you've been living off the grid for the last month, you probably would have noticed that Black Friday sales have begun. Although they're meant to last only one day, they generally begin in the weeks before and accumulate more than 3 billion dollars worth of purchases.

But every Black Friday since 2015, American outdoor giant REI have closed their doors and paid all employees to have a day off. Yes, rather than make sales on one of the biggest shopping days of the year, they choose to #OptOutside.

Why, you may ask? 

They do it to remind themselves of what's really important. They do it to refresh themselves and to reject the idea of unnecessary spending. They do it for themselves and they do it for Mother Nature. 

This Black Friday, and every Black Friday, we're going to join REI and the many other people who will #OptOutside as opposed to joining the hype of Black Friday.

One of toitū's value statements is 'purpose before profits', and our decision to #OptOutside is our way of living these values. We hope you'll join us in escaping into nature this Black Friday but, if not, please try and shop thoughtfully. If you can survive in the woods with a backpack full of necessities, everything else you buy is a luxury. 

See you outside


Picture courtesy of Wild Search, words by Jessie McRae.

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