It's Time For a New Type of Adventure


Hiker looking down into a value, dwarfed by the mountains around them.

It's 2020. 

You're in a lock down. Or you've just got out. Getting out of the house for an outdoor adventure has never been so desirable or accessible. 

This desire has placed a huge demand on outdoor companies for gear and apparel that'll help experts and enthusiasts get out into nature safely and enjoyably. But despite this increase in interest and sales, a lot of outdoor companies are doing very little to help champion the natural spaces they claim to love so much.

Australian's currently dispose of 6,000kg of textiles and fabrics every 10 minutes. Less than 1% of that disposed material is upcycled. We're all for people recycling and reusing the products they have, but if every explorer also refused to use and buy gear that was made in an unsustainable way, we'd be stopping the problem before it even got started. 

That's where we come in.


Bringing you quality outdoor gear and apparel, that's been made in an eco-conscious manner, by brands that care about the earth. Brought to you by explorers, for explorers, we're here to raise the standard for outdoor gear and apparel. 

Because exploring our world, shouldn't be at the sake of preserving it. 

So welcome! It's time for a new type of adventure. One where nature and adventure, are at the forefront of every decision. 

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