How To Do A Number 2 - BUSH BASICS

When you've gotta go, you've gotta go ... But there's nothing worse than walking in a pristine forest and finding toilet paper (TP) littered along the way. 

It's almost worse than needing to go and forgetting your TP, or being in a paddock with only one tree for coverage, or being midway through a poop in the night and hearing a rustle behind you. You get the gist, it's pretty bad.

If you've never had to squat in the bush then you probably don't know how, that's fair enough! Let us educate you then on the hole squat and dump deal (like what we did there ;)).

Loo in the Desert


STEP 1: Grab your TP, a small trowel and some hand sanitizer. Seek out a discrete spot to temporarily park yourself, at least 70 steps (50 metres) from tracks, campsites and water. 

STEP 2: Once you've found a spot, dig a hole of at least 15 cm x 15 cm (about a hand length deep). 

STEP 3: Time to do the deed. Prepare the TP, drop your dacks and squat with a foot either side of the hole. 

STEP 4: Feeling better? Great. Drop your TP in the hole and fill it back in with dirt. 

We wanted a hard hitting topic for our first bush basics blog. Hopefully after reading this you'll feel a little more comfortable going when there's no flushing loos to rely upon. 

PSA: If you're lucky enough to be somewhere where there's an actual toilet, please use it! It's better for the environment, and you might even get treated to a view like this one. 

Words by Jessie McRae, photos by @jessiandmarkusdiaries and @brianchorski 

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