Community Bike Hubs in Melbourne

If you've been riding a bike for some time, you probably have a local bike shop that you're loyal to. It's worth considering where you spend your money on things to do with two wheels though, as it can help or hinder the development of a thriving, local cycling community. 

In cities around the world, there are community driven bike hubs you may not know about. Here are a few in Melbourne that are worth checking out if you're keen to support community driven cycling initiatives.

Inner West Community Bike Hub - Located close to the train station, in the back streets of Footscray, is the Inner West Community Bike Hub. It's a non for profit initiative which provides bike repairs, recycling and selling services for donated bikes, maintenance workshops and safe riding programs to anyone in the community. Memberships, volunteers from the community and donations help to keep this hub alive. 

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Ceres Environmental Park - The Bike Shed at Ceres Environmental Park recycles bikes that might otherwise go to landfill, sells recycled bikes and teaches volunteers about the ins and outs of bicycles so that they can support the local bicycle community. Bike sales are on Saturday afternoons, so check it out if you're in the market for a new bicycle! Bicycles are very energy dense to produce, thus purchasing one second hand is an easy way to reduce the impact your new bike day has on the planet. 

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Good Cycles Bike Hub - Located along the Capital City Bike Path, Good Cycles empowers young people facing barriers to work by offering them employment pathways. Environmental justice is only possible when social justice exists, so we thought this hub was worthy of a mention. 

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Midnight Cycles - Born from a passion one man has for letting bikes live their best lives out of landfill, Midnight Cycles is a grassroots business designed to service the Northcote community with quality repairs and custom builds. Not a community hub in the sense that members of the public volunteer their time, but the ethos' of the business are similar to that of community hubs. 

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Words by Jessie McRae

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