Adventure Events That Give Back

It's fun to participate in organised (or slightly unorganised) outdoor events. It gives you something to train for, an opportunity to meet other likeminded people and, sometimes, it can even support a greater cause! Check out some events happening in Australia, which you might consider joining this year, that give back to either the Earth or others.

Photo from The Super Jambo Grom Pre, by @hikingrat


Tasmania || March 20, 2021

What if you could run to save one of the last wild places on earth? That's the tagline this event uses and it's pretty damn intriguing if you ask us. Set in the North West of Tasmania, this ultra-marathon or 20km run raises money to support the Bob Brown Foundation campaign to have takayna / Tarkine protected as a World Heritage listed National Park and returned to Aboriginal ownership.

Find out more information here:


Western Australia || March 14, April 7 and 14, 2021

Ocean Heroes offers surf lessons for children on the autistic spectrum. The best part? It's completely FREE. All you need to do is book ahead to a public event, bring the recommended equipment for your child (boards, wetsuits and lifejackets provided) and watch them have the time of their life in a 30 minute one on one surf session. 

Sign your child up for a surf experience here:


New South Wales || April 24, 2021

The name itself gives a fairly decent indication of the chaos that will ensue when you sign up for this event. Navigate 60km, 100km or 220km on your trusty 2 wheeled steed through primed dirt roads and fire trails on Djangadi Country - the plateau of the Great Divide in the Northern Table Lands of NSW. This alternative cycling event aims to increase and advocate for more racial and gender diversity, as well as educate and create awareness of Country. Last year's event also raised money to help the area it was held in recover from bushfires.

Tickets for this year's event are available here:


Queensland || July 17th-18th, 2021

Set in the Gold Coast Hinterland, this challenge has the title of Australia's toughest team endurance event. Teams of 4 have 39 hours to hike 96kms through undulating terrain. Money raised through entry will help support the Kokoda Youth Foundation which runs youth programs for Aussie kids, encouraging them to participate in positive life changing experiences. 

Learn more here:

This is just some of the epic events giving back to the planet or people which we know of, but we're sure there is plenty more. There certainly is outside of Australia. If you're feeling inspired, check out Ian Walsh's Menehune Mayhem.

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