Wild Search Australia

We recently caught up with Wild Search Australia Founder, Caitlin Weatherstone, to find out more about her brand, its values and her plastic-free hiking adventures. 

Caitlin, Wild Search Australia founder

Name and Position: Caitlin Weatherstone, Founder of Wild Search Australia

Where in the world is Wild Search based? Byron Bay, Australia

How did the idea for Wild Search form? I had been working as a Wildlife Ecologist for the last 10 years and was passionate about environmental issues, particularly plastic pollution. I could not find plastic-free body and beauty products for myself, and since I had been making many of my own products for years I decided to make them for other people, too! I now combine my love of the environment with making plastic free Australian body products through my business Wild Search Australia.

What is the brand’s mission? Our mission is to inspire, educate and connect you with nature; for a well balanced, wild and adventurous life.

When explorers think of your business, what would you like them to think of? Eco friendly, sustainable, plastic free, nature connection, hiking, women's products.

Does your brand have anything else they work on, aside from making plastic-free body and beauty products? I write content and speak about environmental issues, and I recently launched an Online Program for Women to connect them to the wild in their lives called the Wild Search 7 Week Transformational Challenge. I also run DIY workshops, which teach people how to make their own body and cleaning products at home. My aim is to also donate at least 2-5% of the businesses profits to charity projects each year. Most recently, we supported the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital's crowdfunding campaign!

Why make the effort to create environmentally friendly products, as opposed to simply making regular commercial products? I would never put products out into the world to just be another product. We already have too much stuff. Particularly plastic stuff. They have to be innovative, and above all, good for the environment. As a Wildlife Scientist, I have seen first-hand the devastation that plastic pollution causes on the land as well as in the ocean. I do not want to contribute to that. I couldn't sleep at night!

If you could choose to forever use only one product your Wild Search makes, what would it be? The Lemon Myrtle deodorant. I wear it every day and swear by it! Smells like the Australian bush to me.

Favourite thing to do outside of work? Hiking! Oh wait, I get to do that for work too ...

What’s the most memorable adventure you’ve ever been on? Oh, the time I decided to hike the 223km Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory solo, vegan and plastic free.... in the off-season. That was definitely memorable and I'm very thankful that I'm still alive to tell the story!

Top 3 things you can’t go on an adventure without? My lip balm, chocolate and a good map!

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