We recently caught up with Wanderlightly Founder, Sarah Tait, to explore what her brand is all about, swimming with whales and why she's fighting so hard to be part of the solution to plastic pollution! 


Name and Position: Sarah Tait // Founder, owner, designer, creator, photographer, accountant, social media manager – I do all the things.

Where in the world does Wanderlightly make its products? We are based on the Northern beaches of Sydney and I create everything with bundles of love in my home studio, but I’m originally from New Zealand.

How did the idea for Wanderlightly form? On a trip to Tonga in 2014 I swam with Humpback Whales and witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of plastic pollution. Because of this experience, I was inspired to start my own journey to reduce my plastic use in daily life. It was on this journey that I created a simple deodorant balm. At the time I had no idea this would become the catalyst for a skincare range & has led me to create workshops which share this lifestyle with others.

What is the Wanderlightly’s mission? Wanderlightly’s sole purpose is to empower and inspire others to reduce their waste footprint through connection, DIY workshops and the offering of natural, ethical products that enhance and support one's everyday lifestyle without costing the Earth. 

Everything we do has been considered mindfully to ensure it has the least amount of impact with the most amount of love poured into it. Our supply chain is transparent and well researched. We purchase ingredients that are organic and made locally or by Australian based companies (where possible) that support fair-trade and ethical working practices. Our cardboard tubes are plant lined and 100% plastic free, which means no sneaky hidden linings or label laminates that don’t break down. They have been crafted from 100% recycled paper, are home compostable or kerbside recyclable. When it’s finished pop it straight into your home compost, worm farm, or dig a hole and bury it snuggly in the soil. Labels have been printed sustainably using 100% recycled, non-chlorine bleached, alternative fibre papers, organic based non-toxic inks and solar power. We package our products in repurposed materials (no box is left behind) that can be reused again, composted or recycled and send them using a carbon neutral carrier. We donate 5% of all sales, not just profits, to conservation initiatives that support, regenerate and give back to our spectacular Earth. 

When explorers think of Wanderlightly, what would you like them to think of? A small business creating change that’s good for both you and the planet.

Does your Wanderlightly have anything else they work on, aside from making plastic-free body and beauty products? I have been facilitating DIY workshops for both kids and adults, conversations both online and in person, for the past 4 years to share my knowledge and empower others live a low waste lifestyle.

Why make the effort to create environmentally friendly products, as opposed to simply making regular commercial products? We have a responsibility as custodians, not only for the land we live and work on, but the places we get to share and enjoy. Everything we do has an impact and it’s important that each of our actions are as mindful as possible to preserve what we have been entrusted with.

If you could choose to forever use only one product Wanderlightly makes, what would it be? Tough one, but as I'm a Libra I’ll have to choose two!  I always wear my SUN Deodorant Balm, but if I’m out and about hiking the Bug Balm is a must! I formulated it especially for me as I’m very popular with the mosquitoes and it’s the only thing that keeps them at bay!

Favourite thing to do outside of work? Visiting the beach or the bush.  Both are necessary to keep me grounded and fill up my tank!

What’s the most memorable adventure you’ve ever been on? The Annapurna Track in Nepal, life changing & soul filling.

Top 3 things you can’t go on an adventure without? My reusable water bottle, snacks (definitely snacks), and a great buddy to share it with.

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