What began as a follow on Instagram, quickly turned into a series of enthusiastic emails that led to toitū stocking RePete's ROW bags. The development of these ultra-durable and lightweight waste management bags by Pete, Founder of RePete, is a powerful reminder of the good that can be done when one person is inspired enough to make a change. 

Pete from RePete

Name and position? Peter Rowed – Founder

Where in the world is RePete located? I’m based in Canberra, Australia. My neighbour tells me our postcode has Australia’s highest per capita population of cycling champions. I’m yet to fact check that, but never let the truth get in the way of a good story, especially if that story means you reside in ‘Australia’s fastest postcode’.

How did the idea for RePete form? It all started when I realised how bad my waste management practices were when out in nature. Not only would I create lots of waste by relying on dehydrated meals & lots of pre-packaged food, but I would use a single-use plastic bag to pack it out in, not separate my recycling and send it all to landfill. This led me to want to create a solution that would enable better waste management behaviours for myself. I spent the next few months tinkering with anything that offered promise. My goal was to create a bombproof system that made separating waste by type, and picking up litter, effortless.

I was stoked on what I created and decided it would be a good idea to share it with others who also want to enjoy nature with the smallest possible impact, and save themselves all the headaches of not having a reliable bin when you really need it! RePete seemed like the obvious name as it’s all about repeating the good behaviours and depleting the bad. Also, my old man’s name is also Pete and my grandad takes the humor to the next level by calling us Pete & RePete – 28 years in and it gets funnier every time!

What is RePete's mission? To help people be wise with waste in the wilderness.

When explorers think of RePete, what would you like them to think of? Just how much more gratifying an adventure is when you know you did it with the smallest possible impact!  

Do you have anything else you work on with RePete, aside from making your ROW bags? Soon! We have a partnership with a group called Lets Clean-up Nepal that will be launching shortly, and our sales will support their clean-up activities.  

Why make the effort to create something that's environmentally friendly, as opposed to letting people continue to just dump their rubbish in a single-use plastic bag? I think environmentally friendly products have a special power to create positive outcomes. They seem to be able to simultaneously teach people about an issue, connect the dots for them to understand their contribution to the problem and offer a solution, even if it’s just one step in the right direction.  That's my experience at least, and I'm motivated by being able to create that same experience for others.

Favourite thing to do outside of work? Find the flow state with friends! I also just got a new puppy, so hanging out with her is pretty good too ;) 

Pete's Puppy Pete's Puppy

What’s the most memorable adventure you’ve ever been on? Snowboarding in Revelstoke Canada. In 2018 I went to visit a good mate who lives over there and copped the best week of snow in my life. I had been a few years earlier when it was pure ice but saw the potential of the place and was fortunate enough to experience it on this particular trip. That was my last solid overseas trip before Covid and one I’ll never forget!

Top 3 things you can’t go on an adventure without? Water, head-torch & spare shoelace.

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