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Functional, sustainable and unique - Fierce Hazel upcycled bags and pouches are designed for all sorts of adventures. Made using factory deadstock, we're a big fan of not only the design of Fierce Hazel products, but the ethics behind them. We asked the lady responsible for all this goodness to share a little bit about her adventures in the great outdoors and of how Fierce Hazel came to be. 


Name and position? Frankie Holt, Founder

Where in the world is Fierce Hazel from? Fierce Hazel is an independent, Los Angeles–based company founded by a woman cyclist and artist. The bags are all ethically made by hand at a factory in Vietnam that pays a living wage, has reasonable working hours and a good work environment.

How did the idea for Fierce Hazel form? As an avid cyclist and gear lover, I felt that much of what’s out there is not designed with a women’s needs in mind. One thing I’ve always sought out of life is simplicity.  Cycling has changed my life, but I needed a pouch to keep my stuff safe while I biked and couldn’t find one that felt like me. So I decided to design one. It had to be functional, light, unique but kind to the planet. Fierce Hazel was born!


What is Fierce Hazels mission? Sustainability, ethics, and kindness guide the choices I make in life, and Fierce Hazel is no different. Functional, sustainable, and unique are the requirements for everything we make. We embrace diversity, support personal freedom and want all people to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

When explorers think of Fierce Hazel, what would you like them to think of? Eco-friendly, Unique, and Durable

Does Fierce Hazel have anything else they work on, aside from making upcycled bags? Sponsorship is in the works! At the moment we are investing any extra resources in our online journal. People can find easy to read articles that both help them get outside and learn about environmental issues. 

Your products are all sustainably produced using factory deadstock (left over material), why is that? I figured if I’m going to add more stuff to the world, I might as well use materials that already exist. I am determined not to add more garbage to the landfill. Let’s face it, it would have been much easier just to buy the exact fabric I wanted, but the way we do it is a lot more sustainable.

“Nearly 70 million barrels of oil are used each year to make the world’s polyester fiber, which is now the most commonly used fiber in our clothing. But it takes more than 200 years to decompose.” -Forbes 

If you could only have one piece of Fierce Hazel gear, what would it be? Maybe I’m biased, but I haven’t found a better everyday bag than the Evolution Convertible Backpack. I use it as a cross-body bag and it’s absolutely perfect. But… on a bike ride, the Echelon All-Conditions Ride Pouch is indispensable.

Favourite thing to do outside of work? I mean, duh… CYCLING!!!! But I couldn’t live without my doggies.

Whats the most memorable adventure youve ever been on? Well, I should say it was weeks cycling in the the Italian Alps in and around Stelvio Pass (incredible). But after that trip, my partner and I were able to spend 2 days in St. Moritz. Holy Cow! The hikes were incredible. I’ll never forget it, and it's now probably one of my most memorable adventures because of how unexpectedly epic it was!


I have also been able to explore some very off-the-beaten-path locations in Myanmar that were incredibly memorial. I’ve been three times, and over time we’ve met some incredible Burmese people who gave us access to small villages, ruins, and spots that are hard to access otherwise.

Myanmar ladies with Frankie

Top 3 things you cant go on an adventure without?

1. The Tour de Fierce Ultralight Wallet. It’s so light and secure and I trust it to hold my most essential items.

2. My smart phone. Besides the obvious, I’m an obsessive picture-taker and currently have about 40,000 pictures stored.

3. Whiskey!

Words by Frankie Holt, with pictures by Michael Higgins.

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